July 2021 update. Main (MPU) boards, Driver boards and System 7-11b power supplies are available again.

Please be patient with us. We take our time in testing these boards prior to shipping. Most of these are boards are “customized” with your game specific ROMs installed.

Be sure to check out our two new products – System 11c sound and System11c Sound overlay!

After a year of halting production, we have decided to start producing replacement boards again due to the high demand. Please be patient with us as we build these boards, as we slowly get back into production utilizing updated manufacturing equipment. In addition, you will see changes to our website.

We have the following boards available for purchase now. They are available to order through the website. You can also visit our Products Page for a list of available products.

Boards that will be available in the near future

  • Soon…. System 3/4 Sound Board – no more mounting bracket modifications.
  • System 11 Main Boards (updating our original design….)
  • Williams/Bally WPC DCS Sound Board (postponed….)

We are hoping to expand our product line by adding new boards compatible with Williams pinball machine.

  • Other boards?? Taking suggestions… email us at