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Additional Parts

Display Cables

This 20 pin cable is used in a variety of machines.  If the System 7/9 Display driver works in your machine, then so will these cables. These cables are also available in 26 pin as used on the System 11 Display driver. 


These cables are sold individually or in sets of 5. The sets are used to connect the display drivers to the displays. System 11 sets come with 2 26 pin cables and 3 20 pin cables. The System 6/7/9 cable sets comes with 5 20 pin cables.  The Driver/MPU connection cable connects the Kohout Enterprise Driver Board and Main board if the boards were bought separately.


These cables use 3 piece connectors to provided an added strain relief for the ribbon cable to make the a more robust connection.  The original cables did not have this feature. 


Note: Depending on connector supplier, the connectors may be grey or black.  All cables sent with one order will match, whether it be 2 cables or 10.


Cable Selection


Connector Sets:

Need new connectors to hook up your MPU, Driver or Sound board?  Available are replacement sets for each application. Comes with appropriate connectors, pins and plugs.  If there is another set you need, please feel free to contact us for availability. 

Each set comes with 4 connectors, pins and plugs.  The size of the connectors vary depending on which set is ordered.

Connector Set Options


Add A Fuse $8

This is a highly recommended added security if your upgrading your circuit boards.  Williams pinball machines didn't add fuses between the transformer and power supply.  Any type of short coming from the transformer could potentially damage the new circuit boards.  Adding this fuse block is a must.  This installs in a few simple steps:

  1. Screw the fuse holder near the bridge rectifiers
  2. Cut either the Red (left bridge) or blue (right bridge) wires near the installed fuse block.
  3. Preferred method would be to solder on the cut wires to the fuse holder.  Wire connectors are added for convenience.
  4.  Add the fuses


Motorola 6821 Microchip

These are the most common microchips that fail and are used on many Williams circuit boards.  Buy more and save!!

Quantity Breaks


Motorola 6802 Microchip

This is another common microchips that fails on the Williams circuit boards.  Buy more and save!!

Quantity Breaks



Last Updated: April 19, 2017