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Replacement Displays and Boards
Replacement Displays with Board and Connector: (No longer produced)


Also available as board only, you supply the display: (No longer produced)


These are direct replacements for any Williams 7 Digit Display.  It includes the display, new PCB board, and connector, all completely assembled.


The PCB boards are an improvement over the original.  The original boards were only single sided copper and did not use plated through holes.  As a result when replacing the displays the traces often peal up from the board.  The Kohout Enterprises board uses doubled sided boards with a plated through hole design reducing the chance for this problem.  Also, on the alphanumeric display, traces for the connections were routed on the front side underneath the double sided tape.  On the Replacement, no traces are routed under the display glass.



Original Williams 7 Digit Display


Replacement Kohout Enterprises 7 Digit Display




When replacing original displays, board often looks like this:


Original Williams 7 Digit Alphanumeric  Display



Replacement Kohout Enterprises Alpha Numeric Display




Original Williams Match / Credit Display


Replacement Kohout Enterprises Match / Credit Display


Replacement Kohout Enterprises PCBs - Notice hole will work with on displays with or without dimple!


Last Updated: February 7, 2018