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System 11 Display Driver
"Plug and Play" replacements!
Williams System 11 Display Driver: No Longer Produced

This is a replacement for the Williams display driver D-10877.  While not used in many different games, it was used in some of the most popular, including High Speed and PinBot.   Just as in most all of the Williams display drivers, it used the obsolete High Voltage I.C.s  to drive the 90V fluorescent displays. The UDN7180 and UDN6184 are both obsolete and very difficult to find. Once a replacement is found, there is a good chance that it will not last long, since it is probably already 20 years old.

This board replaces the obsolete High voltage IC devices with discrete components rated at 300V and higher to be sure it can easily handle the 90V needed for the displays.  All of the components  are readily available and are ordered new for the production of this board to be sure it will be usable for another 20 years.  Additionally, all the I.C.'s used are mounted using machined pin sockets, for reliable connection, yet easy replacement and trouble shooting.  Using discrete drivers for the displays requires more devices, as can be seen, however, if one ever fails, it only requires replacing a single transistor, instead of a whole IC. 

The Player 5 and Player 6 connectors were removed from the original as well as the holes for the 26 pin connectors for Players 3 and Player 4, since they are not used for any games, except for some shuffle bowlers.  The board is a direct replacement for the following games:


 System 11

  1. High Speed

  2. PinBot

  3. Bonzai Run

  4. Grand Lizard

  5. Road Kings

Each board comes complete with the replacement board, schematics, board layout drawings, and instructions.

Need Cables?  I also have the 20 pin and 26 ribbon cables available.  Click HERE for more details.

The old Williams System 11 D-10877 display driver board:

The Kohout Enterprises System 11 HS Display Driver:


Display Driver mounted in High Speed Backbox with cables removed for picture:


Display board mounted in High Speed Backbox with cables attached:

Operating in my MINT High Speed machine:


Last Updated: February 7, 2018