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System 9-11c Main Board
Replacement System 9-11c Main Board (No longer produced):

This is a drop in replacement for all Williams System 9, 11, 11a, 11b and 11c pinball and shuffle bowler games.  Like all the other Kohout Enterprises' boards, obsolete components have been designed out, when possible, and up to date devices are used.  The board includes a 30 day unconditional guarantee and a 1 year repair/replacement warranty.  

 Some Improvements to the original are as follows:

  1. No Battery Backup required -

  2. Simple diagnostic LEDs added for troubleshooting. 

    • LEDS where added to check critical All input and outputs have LEDs for easy detection of malfunctioning drivers or inputs. 

    • All input and outputs have LEDs for easy detection of malfunctioning drivers or inputs. 

  3. Clearly labeled Jumper Setting and components are silk screened on the board for easy identification.

  4. Thicker PCB for improved durability - 0.093" instead of 0.063"

  5. To switch from a System 9 board to a System 11 board only needs jumpers updated.  No soldering or removing components necessary.

  6. No extra speech board needed for System 9 machines.  Speech board is built on our new board. 

  7. Uses original game ROMs.  No special ROMs needed.  

  8. Difficult to find IC's have been designed out and replaced with components that are currently available from multiple sources.  (Note: One chip still remains that is used on System 9 and System 11 configurations)

  9. Large, problematic, and often fried resistor required for lamp drives have been designed out for simple MOSFET drivers. 

  10. 100V NMOS and PMOS Transistors have been used for all outputs.  This reduces component count and, more importantly, power and heat dissipation.

  11. TVS added to protect solenoid driver MOSFET outputs.  This circuit protects the MOSFET even when diode on coil have been removed or becomes disconnected. 

  12. One Shot Timers added to Special Solenoid outputs -  If the special solenoid outputs get stuck on for more than ~1sec, output is automatically turned off to prevent damage to the output FETs

    • This can be disabled for special circuits as needed

  13. Output Short Circuit detection on all solenoid outputs - If solenoid output is shorted, FET protection turns off the FET until the short is removed - NO MORE BLOWN UP SOLENOID OUTPUTS!

Each board comes complete with the replacement board, schematics, board layout drawings,  instructions, and all EEPROMs to the game of your choice  pre-installed.  (Please fill out machine name when ordering)


System 9 thru 11c Board Pricing:

  • System 9 Boards: $465

    These boards require speech ROMs and a complete sound section

    • Space Shuttle

    • Sorcerer

    • Comet

    • Strike Zone (shuffle alley)


  • System 11/11a/11b Boards: $445

    These boards do not use the speech ROMs but use the complete sound section.

    • Grand Lizard

    • High Speed

    • Road Kings

    • F-14 Tomcat

    • Fire!

    • Millionaire

    • Pinbot

    • Bad Cats

    • Banzai Run

    • Big Guns

    • Black Knight 2000

    • Cyclone

    • Earthshaker

    • Elvira and the Party Monsters

    • Gold Mine (shuffle alley)

    • Jokerz!

    • Mousin Around

    • Police Force

    • Space Station

    • Swords of Fury

    • Taxi

    • Transporter the Rescue

    • Whirlwind


  • System 11c Boards: $425

    These boards do not use the speech ROMs or the sound board section. 

    • Bugs Bunny Birthday Ball

    • Diner

    • Dr Dude

    • Pool Sharks

    • Radical

    • Riverboat Gambler

    • Rollergames

    • Game Show

    • (information still being updated...)


Replacement System 9-11c Board uses a 0.094" think board instead of the original 0.063", which makes it much more rigid.



Last Updated: February 7, 2018