Power Supply => Flipper

Price: $35

This is a drop in replacement for games using the flipper power supply.  The newly designed  replacement flipper supply has an increased thickness as like all other Kohout Enterprise boards.  The increased thickness makes the board more durable.  Also added is a LED indicator showing when the power supply is functioning properly and as an indicator that the fuse is good.  A heat sink is added to the bridge reflector to minimize heat and increase the life expectancy of the supply. 

Replacement System 9-11 Flipper Power Supply

Replaces Williams part number: C-9939. 

Used in the following games:

  1. Comet
  2. F14 Tomcat
  3. Millionaire
  4. Fire!
  5. Firepower II
  6. Grand Lizard
  7. High Speed
  8. Pin*Bot
  9. Road Kings
  10. Sorcerer
  11. Space Shuttle

Note: Our description says it’s a replacement for systems 9 thru 11 Williams pinball machines but this board is also used in 1 system 7 machine – Firepower II.