Auxiliary Driver

Price: $129


Plug and Play! 

This is a drop in replacement for Williams and Bally pinball machines using the System 11c auxiliary driver.   This board replaces original part number D-11813 and D-12247.  The benefits of our new board include the following: 

  • Plug and Play replacement
  • LED lights for fuse and supply checks – gives instant status for all fuses on the board.
  • Thicker boards for more stability to help reduce stress cracks
  • Heatsinks added to bridge rectifiers to keep cooler and last longer
  • High quality 105C capacitors used for longer life
  • All fuses installed for your specific pinball machine
  • As with all Kohout Enterprise boards, only through hole components are used (No surface mount)

Here is a list of machines this Auxiliary Power Supply is used in: 

  1. Bad Cats
  2. Big Guns
  3. Black Knight 2000
  4. Bugs Bunny Birthday Bash
  5. Cyclone
  6. Diner
  7. Dr Dude
  8. Earthshaker
  9. Elvira and the Party Monsters
  10. Jokerz
  11. Mousin Around
  12. Police Force
  13. Pools Sharks
  14. Radical
  15. Riverboat Gambler
  16. Roller Games
  17. Space Station
  18. Swords of Fury
  19. Taxi 
  20. The Bally Game Show
  21. Transporter the Rescue
  22. Whirlwind